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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New UAV Project

I will be exploring the application of my own personal UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) / Reconnaissance plane this summer. My goals are as follows:

- Full autopilot and stabilization
- Autonomous GPS Navigation
- Real-time telemetry (Airspeed, Location, Video, Orientation)
- Manual control
- 30+ minute mission duration (limited by battery)
- RC auxiliary "bay doors" for dropping presents to friends
- 1+ mile range (really looking for 2-3, costs may limit this goal for now)
- Auto landing
- Emergency landing system + Failsafe beacon
control systems only backup battery

I've completed a prototype design to test the feasibility of this project, and to learn a little about what challenges I am going to face to reach my goals. The prototype design is based around a cheapo foam glider I bought on the internet. Here are some pictures:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Project, Insect Locomotion - Mr.Richter should like this one

This will be the base platform for a new and very powerful autonomous system. I intend on featuring video processing, intelligent obstacle detection and avoidance, path finding, voice recognition, voice feedback, a sense of "will" or thought, automatic night-time charging. Similar to a pet, but a giant hexapod :)

Finished Project! Autonomous Robot

This is the complete design that competed in the 2010 Science Montgomery Fair, winning these awards. It took 8 major code revisions over 3 months to program completely, starting from scratch.

First fully functional design. Includes range-finding, lateral location, full mechanics. However no error correction or intelligent maneuvering yet.

More early design footage :) This is the autonomous rangefinding I developed a few months ago.

Here's a video of the early stages of my Autonomous Robot design. Enjoy

Feature in GHS Newsletter

Gaithersburg Junior, Austin Duff competed in the 2010 Montgomery Science Fair with his project "Autonomous Robotics and Environmental Interactions" and was recognized with the following achievements:

 International Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) First Place for Outstanding
 Naval Science Award
 Yale's Most Outstanding 11th Grade Exhibit in Engineering
 US Public Health Service Meritorious Achievement
 National Society of Professional Engineers Innovative Engineering Award
 American Society of Mechanical Engineers Third Place for Engineering Excellence
 United States Army Outstanding Science Project
 CIA Project of National Interest
 Science Montgomery - Third Place in Engineering